Personal Tax Returns

Stress-free tax returns

Ready to make filing a breeze? With expert advice from the team at Upside Tax, we can help you maximize your deductions and file with complete peace of mind.

Freelance tax returns

expert accountants for freelance taxes

When you're a freelancer, you wear a lot of hats. With professional freelancer tax filing from just $495, being a tax expert doesn't have to be one of them.

Business tax returns

keep business moving

Don't let tax time take your eyes off long-term growth and moving the needle in your business. Our team of qualified tax professionals are here to help keep things moving. And with additional CFO and Controller services on offer, Upside Tax is here to help you move to the next level.  

Boutique Services

controller and CFO services

We have a specialty in providing controller and CFO Services for startups, small businesses, and family offices.

Controller and CFO Services for businesses: We combine deep financial knowledge with proficiency in various products like QuickBooks Online, Bill.com, gusto, Shopify and other SAAS platforms that redefine the way modern company does business. Our Controller Services ensure accurate financial reporting, budgeting, and efficient accounting operations. Our CFO Services provide strategic financial planning and analysis, helping to guide your business through growth and change - whether it's a capital raise or a makeover of your business. With our expertise in both financial management and the latest digital tools, we are equipped to enhance your financial operations and strategic planning, driving your business toward success and sustainability

Family Office Services

Our Family Office Services provide comprehensive management of a family's financial and personal affairs. This service often includes investment management, estate planning, tax planning, philanthropic guidance, and lifestyle management. The goal is to preserve wealth across generations, ensuring its effective growth and distribution according to the family's values and goals. It's a tailored approach, offering a centralized solution for high-net-worth families to manage their complex financial affairs, often encompassing not just asset management but also legal, administrative, and personal needs. This personalized service is aimed at simplifying the family’s financial life, ensuring long-term financial security, and maintaining the family's legacy.

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Get ahead on your finances with helpful advice and a range of services from a team of qualified CPAs. Contact us today.

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